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When are tryouts? Who are eligible to tryout?

Tryouts are typically end of April or the beginning of May each year for the upcoming season. Tryouts maybe virtual and/or in-person depending on county restrictions.

Those eligible to tryout are:

  • Any officially accepted incoming student/transfer for the upcoming year.  
  • All current students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 during the entire season and in good academic/account standing with the University.  Those currently on academic probation or have previously resigned from the team are ineligible.

What to expect at tryouts? 

Visit for tryout details.

Returning athletes are not guaranteed a position for the upcoming season so skills must be maintained throughout the year. Returning members must tryout again each year.  

It is highly recommended to attend the in-person tryouts if offered versus sending in a video. Videos may be necessary if there is a conflict with academics, long distance traveling such as out of state applicants and/or county restrictions on visitors to campus. 

If offered, in-person tryouts are highly recommended as you have more athletes to choose from to showcase your talents during the stunting portion. Subject to change due to current status of University guidelines and county restrictions.

How many members are on the team?

The team typically has 20-36 members. Varies from year to year.

Does the team compete?

Yes, the team competes in all girl division locally and nationally. Competition vary from season to season based on the team composition. Cal Poly Cheer has competed at USA in Anaheim, California (Game Day/Team Routine/Group Stunt), UCA in Orlando, Florida (Game Day/Team Routine), and NCA in Daytona, Florida (Group Stunt).  The competitive team is selected by the coach and determined by skills.

We also compete College STUNT (please visit Members of the cheer team are also the same members of the STUNT team.

What is the time commitment?

Members will cheer for home football games, designated away football games, men’s and women's home basketball, post-season games, and selected other sports games. Members will also make campus and community appearances, along with participation with college cheer camp and annual youth clinic. The season is typically from August through early May.

Practices during the academic year will be held 2-3 times a week for two to three hours per practice; additional practices may be added if necessary. Games occur once to twice a week with related functions.  Appearances as directed by the coach and advisor will arise throughout the year.

What are the Summer, Holiday, Winter, Spring break practices like? 

Each season, practice dates and time vary due to the facility availability, college camp and competition schedules, football, basketball, and other sports schedules.

Summer: Practices dates are dependent on the camp and football scheduleare typically the last week of July through the first two weeks of August, a short break, and then return to campus for practice end of August/beginning of September until school starts. 

Thanksgiving: We typically have basketball games that you must attend over the holiday weekend.

Winter Break:  Practices and games typically run one to two weeks past finals week and one week before Winter quarter begin. Team members will usually receive approximately 7-14 days off for the winter holidays. There are double practices and/or games each day during this time.

Spring Break: If there are competitions or games scheduled for that year, team members may practice during that time.

Is housing provided during the non-academic school year?

Housing will be provided for new team members for practices by current/returning team members who live in the surrounding areas near campus during the Summer and holiday breaks.

How much does it cost to be on the team?

Participation costs are between $1250-1500. Separate funding is provided from the University for travel costs to all NCAA sanctioned events for football and basketball. Member team fees cover the costs warm-ups, practice gear, shoes, competition fees and team functions/equipment. Uniform costs and competition travel are not included and are separate from team fee.  Fundraising can be available. 

Are scholarships offered?

Scholarships are currently not available for team members.  However, team members will still be required to carry a 2.0 minimum GPA.  Anyone not meeting the above criteria will need to speak with the coach and advisor prior to tryouts.

UPDATED 04/01/2022